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Known as Mao most everywhere I go, I am an English/Filipino 24 year old studying Game Art and Design. I'm looking to jump into the games industry as a Narrative Designer.
In my rare, spare time I obsess over BJD Photography. Pretty dolly pics make me smile.

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Swatch of #disneyvillans #ursula #nailpolish I’m going to do swatches of the others soon. The glitter grain leaves a sandy like texture when there’s no topcoat (bottom pic) and when top coat is applied (top pic) they sort of look like air bubbles underwater. Each hand has 2 coats of polish. #nailpolishaddict #nails #disneyvillansnailpolish #disney


Syrup: Four types of women.

But this is what the perfect woman is meant to be, this is the game we’ve played all our lives.

Women are meant to have just the right amount of all these facets, and if we stray too far into the realm of one of the four, then we’re dismissed as not good enough.

So, I was challenged by my (concerned? Cruel?) friends to give up painting my nails (and general nail care) for #Lent. Challenge was well and truly accepted and defeated. For 46 Days (40days of lent doesnt included Sundays, but I did.) I went through what felt like torture. Actually opening bottles, starring at them, rubbing my nails… All longing to paint my nails. Watching tv or being in a conversation with some, all i could do was stare at their nails. Serious addiction here. I really have a problem. But I don’t care. As soon as it hit midnight I opened a bottle of #nailsinc #boltonsplace and it felt amazing. My nails are in terrible condition but right not. I dont care. I have #nailpolish on. #nailart #nailpolishaddict



An introspective journey of artistic self discovery, presented as a 6 page comic.


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My favourite tragic love story is that of an artist and their art

ohgod this is so true it hurts

^This. Pure this!

#winternails #nailpolishaddict #nailartuk #nailartclub #nailart #naildesign #freehandnailart #nailartoohlala #fantabulouswinterwonderland I was mistaken, i did get a better photo.

#starwars nails for a competition. Might post a better photo up tomorrow if I can. #geeknails #nailaddiction #nailartoohlala #nailobsession #nailpolishaddict #nailartuk #nailartclub #nailart #naildesign #freehandnailart


Awesome friend Sarah has awesome Star Wars nails. 

= 3= Thank you~~Nail’s I painted for a comp at KitGuru


Awesome friend Sarah has awesome Star Wars nails. 


= 3= Thank you~~

Nail’s I painted for a comp at KitGuru

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Someone told me british boys are ugly





Look at this “ugly” guys !!!!!!

Tom Hiddleston (my favourite)

Marc Warren

Gary Oldman

Ben Whishaw

Tim Roth

Ewan McGregor

Do you need more evidence?!

#nailart #nailartoohlala #nails #nailartclub #naildesign #nailobsession #nailpolishaddict #cutenails #elegantnails #freehandnailart #essie don’t sweater it and #beautyuk peach melba

#elfdoll #Sooah and #Soah have always been on my wishlist. I bonded with a dear friend over her gorgeous Elf Soah (Aurora) and when she sadly passed away this year, I planned to buy her #Aurora. In the end I got #Polaris (Elf Sooah) and I’m not the slightest bit upset as Sooah is my fav of the two.
I do have the beautiful dress my friend made for her aurora tho, with utterly delicate detailing that I can’t wait to share. Just need to get her home and into a wig. #bjd


Dahlia, Crimson, Vermilion and Cardinal is the color palette for Vera Wang’s Spring 2013 collection, and it is breathtaking! Always presenting the bridal world with something exciting and new, Vera Wang changes the look of the traditional “wedding gown”. We loved her dark, dramatic, yet eerily romantic black wedding gowns of her Fall 2012 collection, but the vibrant, rich reds in this collection has made me at a loss of words to describe how gorgeous….I will just let the dresses speak for themselves. They will do a much better job.

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Little BJD(ish) Toothless
… it counts if I say it counts, and I say, so it counts. >8u! -A


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Sew this darling ‘macaron’ zippered box in no time. Cute as buttons aren’t they? That’s because they are buttons! Check out Craft Passion for the full pictorial how to.

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Australian photographer Deb Morris is a master of micro wave photography. While her brand of photography isn’t a globally popularized branch of the medium, it is absolutely breathtaking and bound to lead more photographers to discovering its visually magnetic allure. Her innovative collection known as WAVEART features shots that get in close to capture the magnificence of the most subtle ripples of water, turning them into majestic swirls of light.

Morris, who also goes by DebM, goes beyond photographing the average wave by focusing on tidal flows that are no larger than 30cm. She immerses herself in the movement of each minuscule body of water, brilliantly composing the tiny tides both at their peak and when they break. The photographer is also able to visualize the multitude of colors in any given environment, as echoed through each wave’s naturally reflective surface. DebM’s portfolio is filled with stunning images that are so sharp, catching quick movements that go unnoticed to the naked eye, that they look more like gleaming sheets of delicately curled glass than actual rolling waves.

Prints of DebM’s gorgeous WAVEART can be purchased directly through her website.

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